For 31 years Nick worked in the music business, with a wide range of people:

IMG_7639 (1)

The Spice Girls, Gary Barlow, Michael Ball, Ronnie Wood, Simon Cowell and even Engelbert Humperdinck to name a few – all have come into contact with Nick over his colourful career.

He married his first wife Lynn in 1989, and just three and a half years later she contracted breast cancer. She bravely fought the disease for ten years before succumbing in February 2003.

Nick has since remarried and as well as having two beautiful daughters from his marriage to Lynn now also has a son with his new wife Nicky.


His first book, an autobiography,

‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’, was published in 2007.

Two subsequent books:



‘The Daily Male’ 

and its sequel 

‘The Daily Male: Lunchtime Edition’

are mid-life musings from a man of faith on love, life, laughter.  

He has also penned two novels together with Anglican Vicar, Eric Delve:


Billy Fidget writes letters to God. And, somewhat unexpectedly, God writes back! In this fast moving, funny and yet wittily poignant book we see the harsh reality of what happens when the stuff hits the fan. On the surface Billy is successful – on the inside he harbours dark, dirty secrets. Will he succeed in conquering his demons or will he be consumed by his venal appetite for destruction? God only knows, or does he?


This follow-up to The Billy Fidget Letters has just the same fearless honesty as the first book, so that through the ups and downs of Billy’s spiritual career we can connect with the issues that face him and his family – and maybe learn something about ourselves along the way.



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