The Objects of The Gravel Road Trust

The GRT Objects are “To relieve the charitable needs of those who are affected by poverty, life threatening illness or bereavement.
Utilising; a) support and counselling b) provision of financial assistance, as appropriate”

We are based in Cornwall and concentrate on helping people living in Cornwall.

So, what does the Gravel Road Trust do exactly?

Well in the past we have sent numerous people for a respite holiday, following treatment for life threatening illnesses, or dealing with bereavement or simply if they’re worn out by coping with giving long term care.

We have given grants to help with transport to and from hospital, drawn alongside people who have lost loved ones through cancer and suicide.

We have provided the services of our founder to conduct funerals for Mums and Dads who have lost children.

We have also contributed towards the cost of funerals where there is a proven real need for help.

We have provided a special chair to help the chronically sick and elderly get from the bedroom in their care home to the bathroom with dignity and cleanliness.

To fulfil the objects of the trust funds are required  and

We have organised cycle rides to raise funds.

We promote an annual Christmas Concert to raise awareness and funds.